xStreamer v3 Feature List

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xStreamer v3 Feature List

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:19 am

Admin backend features:

Category management : Add / Edit / Delete

Channels management : Add / Edit / Delete.

Manage Channel Subscriptions: You can see the channel names and a total of number of subscribers for each channel.

Pornstar management: Add / Edit / Delete

Video management:

There are three major ways to add a video

    Upload video files from your computer ( single upload & bulk upload )
    Video grabber - scrape videos from Tube sites like Pornhub, xVideos, Maxjizztube, Fapbox, H2Porn, Txxx.
    Video Embedder - Use hubtraffic.com Pornhub API to embed videos in bulk. Upload a CSV file and embed videos in bulk.

Manage existing videos : manage the videos that are present on the website.

Delete videos using CSV : Delete the videos in bulk using CSV

Duplicate videos : See the list of duplicate videos and option to delete them

Manage member uploaded videos

User management : Add / Edit / Delete

Ban users by IP

Manage comments: Add / Edit / Delete

Advertisement management:

    Standards ads : Add / Edit / Delete
    In-line text ads: Add / Edit / Delete
    Video ads : Add / Edit / Delete

Payment management:

Channel subscriptions & Pay Per Video sale will be recorded here with Price, description, Subscription channel name, Username, etc.

Static pages: Add / Edit / Delete

Language settings : Add / Edit / Delete

General settings:

Conversion settings - video conversion settings

Payment gateway settings - CCBill entries

Video settings: through video settings you can enable/disable

    video subscriptions
    favorite buttons
    download option
    Video ads
    Amount of time to skip a video ad.
    Reload video
    Logo inside the video player

Email templates: Add / Edit / Delete templates (Sign up, Subscription, change password, forgot password etc)

Email settings: Choose a new template for existing outgoing emails

General Settings:

    Site logo
    Site name
    Site description
    Adding Google Analytics code

Setting up footer content

Administrator management

    Contact email form messages
    Header link : setup header link messages
    Change password
    Change admin email

Front end website features :

    User Signup / Login
    Profile settings
    Setup profile picture, profile description, age, gender etc.
    Members upload videos
    Channel subscriptions
    Favorite videos
    Create own channel
    Premium HD - purchase videos from the Premium section
    Subscribe to their favorite channels
    Check Pornstars album and videos
    Search for videos based on categories
    Multiple languages - change the language of the website.
    Add comments to videos
    Watch related videos
    Send messages to other users
    Report other users
    Block other users

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