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xStreamer - Member profile features (user settings)

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:40 pm

Without logging in - you can browse through the videos, watch the videos. But to comment on a video, save as favorite or download the videos - you need become a member.

You can signup from the top right corner link and become a member of the website.

Member profile has more advantages like -

You can create your own playlist. Favorite videos.
You can comment on videos
You can upload your videos. ( needs approval from admin for your video to be live on the website )
Create your own channel ( needs approval from admin )
Subscribe to channels.
Purchase videos that are on sale.
Add as friend other members in the website.
Send message to other member profiles.


Subscribe to a member profile.
View favorite videos of other member profiles.
You can report other member profiles or Block other member profiles.


Member profile settings > has 5 options

user profile settings
channel settings
my uploads
my channel subscriptions
my favorite videos

under user profile settings - you can upload your avatar, set bio and other information.


Channel settings - allows you to create your own channel - once you create - it goes for admin approval. Once admin approves - you can publish videos under your channel. Whatever the revenue your channel makes - it will be split between you and the website. For example - you open up your own channel and publish videos on it - Let’s say example it has got 100 recurring subscribers and each month it makes 100 x $1 = $100. Based on the agreement between you and the website admin - you will split the cost by cutting some commission % with the website owner.

My Channel subscriptions


It shows the list of channels that you’ve subscribed. Along with it - it shows your own channel.

If you see the above image - “mark videos” is my own channel created under my member profile.

My Favorite videos - this section shows the list of videos which you’ve favorited.

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