xStreamer Advertisement settings [revenue channels]

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xStreamer Advertisement settings [revenue channels]

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:32 pm

We have 3 types of advertisement revenue channels.

Standard banner ads
In-text video player ads
Pre-roll video ads

Standard banner ads -


The standard banner ads will appear on homepage, footer, top rated video page, most viewed page, video playing page, porn star page.

You can add banner image and link to a URL or you can paste a javascript / html code to display banner ads.

When adding a standard ad type - you can choose ad type > you can choose Upload or Script code.


In-text video player ads -

these ads will play inside the video player. While the video is playing - a small text ad will appear at the bottom of the video player.


Under manage text ads > You can add in-text video player ads.


Pre-roll video ads -

Like you see in YouTube.com - before the original video plays - the video advertisement will start playing.. You can either watch it fully or skip after few seconds.

You can do the same in your website. You can show video advertisements before the user starts seeing the original video.


You can add the video ads from admin > Manage video ads >


You can set up the skip timings for the video ads under Video settings option.

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