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xStreamer Payment Gateway settings

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:25 pm

We use CCBill as our default payment gateway in our xStreamer product. If you want some other payment gateway like Epoch, Verotel, Zombiao or any other payment gateway - we can integrate it for you.

If you are comfortable using CCBill to collect payments, then you need to open up a merchant account to collect payments via CCBill.

If you already have an account, then under Payment gateway settings - you just have to enter your merchant account details to collect the payments to your account.


We collect payments for 2 things -

PPV - pay per view revenue stream - which means you can upload a video for sale. When uploading a video - you can mention it for sale ( tick the checkbox ) -


when you do this - it will ask for CCBill form name, allowed types and subscription ID. You need to create a form in your CCBill merchant account and mention the details here - so it automatically integrates the payment module and makes the video ready for sale.

When you create a form in your CCBill account - you can mention the price of the form - so it will take the price amount for the video. For example - you can mention $2.99 in the form - so the price of the video is $2.99.

Subscription revenue for Channels -

Another revenue stream is Subscription to Channels. If you have sponsors, they can open up a Channel and upload full length HD videos and users can subscribe to the channels to watch and download those videos. These channel subscription are recurring revenue to your website. You can set the pricing for channel subscriptions under your CCBill merchant account dashboard.

Users who’ve paid for the videos and for channels can be seen from the Payment management. Under Admin dashboard > Payment management > you can see the list of people who has purchased the videos and list of channel subscriptions.


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