Step by Step Guide to Setup your tube site after Installation

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Step by Step Guide to Setup your tube site after Installation

Postby adentio9 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:11 am

Once your installation is done - Follow these steps to setup your website .

Follow in the same order - so you don’t miss out anything.

1) Basic settings.

Login to your admin dashboard. Go to META Tag, Analytics and Site Map Information

Under which you can change your


* website logo - follow the logo size 280*60 to make it look nicer on the website.

* Site title - Setup your website title - website name - if you want to add a keyword rich title etc.

* Add meta description and meta keywords - If you’re going niche based site - then this should be an important place to update it.

NOTE : If you don't see the changes reflect in the front end - Please use Clear cache button in the admin settings.

* Setup how many videos you want to show per page - You can setup 24-30 videos which is an average rate.

* Setup copyright info, Site footer text.

* Custom script - here you can enter your Google analytics code. If you’re wondering what Google analytics is - it shows how many visitors visited your website, for what keywords they visited your site, what are the pages they visited, how much time they stayed on your website etc. You can signup directly on Google analytics, add your site, get the code and paste it here.

* upload site map - leave it empty. Don’t do anything.

Click Save.

2) Setup FAQ

Go to Administrators > FAQ


* Here you can setup FAQ questions for your website’s visitors. You can add questions and answer them, save it.


3) Change Admin email

Go to Administrators > Change email

* Change your email from the dummy email ID which we provide while installing. This is your admin email ID - in case if you want to change password or forgot admin password - this is the email ID which we use to send you the new password etc.


4) Change video player logo

Admin dashboard > Settings > video settings

* Change the logo-in-player - this is your logo that will appear on the videos top right position. This is just used for branding. When a visitor plays a video on your site - he will see your site logo on the video player at top right position. Use a small size logo - like 200*40 size.


5) Setup Multi-language system

Admin dashboard > Language settings >

* Here you can setup your multi-language system. If you don’t want to show multi-language to your users - you can choose the option Disable.


if you enable - it will show up the multi-language option in the front end.

You can also setup the default language which you want your visitors to see when they first visit your website. If your tube site is going to be on foreign language (other than english) - you can setup that language as default in the settings.

* Admin dashboard > All language

You can add any language in the world. Just click Add new language > Type the Language name > language code > Save.

For example - If you want to add French - Then language name - French. Language code - FR.

Once done, go to All language list > select the language > click the language icon at the end > here you can enter the corresponding French word for the listed english words.


We’ve made the multi-language system to work smoothly - we pulled out all the static words in the website and listed here. Once you enter the corresponding French words for all the english words and save it. When a user selects the french language in the front end - the whole website will be show up in French.

6) Static Pages

Admin dashboard > static pages > here you can manage all the static page content like your 2257, Privacy policy, DMCA , Terms and services etc.


7) Setup categories

Admin dashboard > Add a new category

* Here you can add a new category. Give the category name > category image > Save it.

Category image size - 192*150


8) Setup Channels

Add a new channel - here you can add a new channel

Provide Channel name, description, channel image


Allow subscription - if you want to collect money from the user to subscribe to this channel - then you need to tick the checkbox. If you just gonna make it as a free channel - then you don’t have to.

Channel management - Here you can manage all the listed channels.

Manage channel subscriptions - When you allow subscriptions for the channel - here you can see how many members subscribed for each channel.


9) Pornstar management

Add a new porn star - Setup new pornstar profile by adding her name, description, profile picture, cover image picture etc.

Pornstar profile pic - recommended image size - 192*200
Pornstar cover image - recommended size - 1325*275

Manage - you can edit and manage existing pornstar profiles.


Once you’ve added the pornstar profile - you need to add Pornstar photo albums.

Click the image icon under manage existing pornstar > add their photo albums. You can add unlimited photos under each pornstar.


10) Adding & managing videos

There are three ways to add videos to the site

a) Video grabbers -

if you gonna grab videos from other tube sites - use the option “download video content”

We’ve integrated 6 sites ( pornhub, maxjizztube, xvideos, fapbox, h2porn, txxx )

You can use these sites - input their video page URL and grab the videos.


b) Upload videos from your computer

* you can upload single video - using add a new video

* if you want to upload bulk videos - then use the bulk video upload option - where you can upload more than 1 video at a time. For example - select 10 video files and upload at the same time.

If you want to set a price for a video - Apart from the free tube videos - if you want to set a price for a video ( PPV - Pay per view ) - You can click “allow this video for sale” option when uploading a video. Don’t enter any values in the option if you gonna have a universal price for all your videos put for sale. If you want to have different prices for different videos - then you need to enter the CCBill form ID, form value in the column.


We’ve explained later in the post on how to get your CCBill values to setup pricing for each video.

c) Use Hubtraffic CSV file upload

We’ve integrated Affiliate program API to our xStreamer. is an affiliate program which has 8 major tube sites under their banner. Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn, xHamster etc.

We’ve integrated 1 tube site - where you can pull in videos from Pornhub via their API / CSV upload.

Once you signup with Hubtraffic and verify your domain > under resources > you can find the CSV option - Now select a category or keyword > set your total number of videos to be exported ( like 100, 200, 400 ) - now download the CSV fle.


Upload the CSV file in our xStreamer admin dashboard.

You can find it under Download video content “ Import CSV “ tab.


Upload the CSV file, setup categories, channels, pornstars etc.

Now after you click Import video - all the videos will be uploaded to your site in few seconds.

The Duplicate existing videos option will help you find if you have uploaded any duplicate videos.


11) Member’s video upload

xStreamer allows members to interact with each other, upload their videos and open up their own channels.

All member uploads will go to admin for approval. the website owner can view the videos and then approve the videos to be appeared on the website.

12) Setting up Advertisement ( Monetization )

There are three types of Ads -

* Standard ads - Banner ads that you see on Homepage, footer, Most viewed page, Top rated page, Pornstar page, Video page, Below video player.

Standard ads - You can either add a banner image and link a URL or if you use any ad network - you can use their Javascript code and paste it.

When adding a standard ad - select upload OR script code - then if it’s adnetwork java script code - then select script code and paste the code.


For the banner ads displayed inside the video player - when the video is paused - It automatically takes the banner from the Video page’s standard ads. It automatically shuffles and displays the banner inside the video player when the video is paused or played.

* In-line text ads : these ads are displayed as text ad when the video is playing. Similar to YouTube text ads - these ads will display at the bottom of the video

For a in-line text ad - you need to enter the name, description, ad URL and save it.


* Video ads : Just like YouTube - before the video starts playing - you will see a short video ad - where you provide the option for the user to skip or watch the full video ad before they play the actual video itself.

You can add a video clip and see a ad URL when the user clicks on the video ad. To set option for the user to skip the ad after few seconds - Go to Video settings > Amount of time user has to wait to skip an ad > here you can mention the number of seconds.


13) Configure Payment gateway.

Payment gateway settings - Admin dashboard > settings > Payment gateway settings.

we use CCbill as our default payment gateway in xStreamer. is a credit card processing company that allows you to setup a merchant account with them and collect payments from users on your website. Here in xStreamer - you can collect payments for Channel subscriptions + Premium HD Pay Per View videos.


To setup - First signup with CCBill as a merchant.

Once you get your account activated - login to your CCBill - create a sub-account for your site.

Let’s say for example - is your tube site URL.

You need to create a sub-account inside CCBill for your website. Because you may use the same CCBill merchant account on multiple websites. So each website will have its own sub-account inside CCBill.

Now, my CCBill account no - 123456

I created a sub-account for my tube site - and my sub-account is 0006.

Now I have to create two pricing option in my sub-account

1) For channel subscription. example - I keep my channel subscription pricing as $5 ( recurring monthly ) - which means - when a user subscribes to your channels - he will be charged $5 every 30 days.

2) For Premium videos -

As I said above - if you going to price your videos individually, then you have to create a pricing form every time when you price a video. OR if you want to have a standardized pricing for all your premium videos - for example - all videos which are on sale - will be priced at $9 per video.

So you need to create a pricing form for $9.

Now you have created two pricing forms

For the Channel subscription - you have created a $5 (monthly recurring)

For the Premium HD videos - you have created $9 per video ( this can be set for number of dates - for example - if you want to allow only for 7 days - then you can set up when you create pricing inside CCBill )

Now we need - Form name - You will create a pricing under 1 form.

For example - You will create a form and the form will have an ID - example - 211c.

Now under form 211c - you will create 2 pricing options.

Once you’ve done that -

You need to find Allowed type & Subscription type ID - to find these values - You need to generate HTML of the created form.

Select the form which you have created and click the option “Generate HTML” - when you do it - you will see HTML code generated - now pick the values of Allowed types and Subscription type ID for both the pricing.

Allowed types - this is for channel subscription
Allowed types PPV - this is for Premium HD sale videos

subscription Type ID - this is for channel subscription
subscription Type ID PPV - this is for Premium HD sale videos.

Follow this step by step -

Configure CCBill Payment

I. Create Pricing

1. Go to Sub Account Admin and select Pricing Admin:


2. Select the options and click Create:


3. Type in form and click Insert:


II. Create From Payment

1. Go to Sub Account Admin select Form Admin:


2. Create new Form or select created Form:


3. Select Generate HTML


4. Select Subscription Type and click Add -> Submit:


5. Get Payment Gateway Settings:


6. Add Payment Gateway Settings in Admin page (Admin control Panel):


III. Set Video for sale:


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