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xFans - Model Walkthrough

Postby adentio9 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:27 am

What is the signup process for Model?

Once the model registers his/her email id, the admin has to approve from the admin panel after reviewing the details of the model.

Can one model see other models and their profiles?

Yes. One model can see the other models. Same as the user sees the model profile.

Can one model chat with other model?

No. Model cannot chat with the other models

How does the tag feature work in videos?

If two models (A&B) have acted in a video and Model A has uploaded the video, he/she can tag Model B, where that video will be present in Model B’s profile as well.

Can a model buy products from another model’s profile?

Yes. Click on the Store tab and buy the product.

Is the model subscription charge, same for all models?

No. Each model can set up his/her own subscription charge in the Account information page -


What does welcome video mean?

If the model adds a welcome video, when the user visits that model profile, the welcome video will played in a pop up

How can a model add video?

From the profile page, click on Video manager option and there are two options -


a. Normal upload - Upload one video at a time
b. Bulk Upload - Upload multiple videos at a time


How can the model set the video as paid video?

While uploading the video, click on ‘For Sale?’ checkbox and enter the price and select Active from the status dropdown and submit.


How can the model upload photos?

From the profile page, click on My Galleries option


First create a Gallery and add photos under the gallery

How can the model upload products?

Click on My Store option


And click on Upload New button.


Fill the details, set the status to active and click on Submit button -

How can the model check his/her earnings?

Click on Earnings option -


How can the model check messages?

Click on message icon on the header


How do Top performers work?

Top performers work on the basis of highest number of views on a models’ profile

How can a model tag another model in the video?

While uploading the video, there is an option to tag the model. Add the name of the model and click on Submit with the status as Active


How can the models see the subscriber to her profile?

Click on the My Subscribers option under the profile dropdown


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