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xChat - Model Walkthrough

Postby adentio9 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 3:48 pm

1. How to register as a model?

Click on the register button, select the country code and enter the number. Enter the OTP received on the registered phone number and add the details. Please note that a minimum of 5 photos should be added in the profile and also the model should add verification documents to the profile.

2. How to add a friend?

Click on Add a friend button -


Enter the contact name or the phone number and click on the search icon


Click on the Add button


3. What are the details a model can see after adding a friend?
A model can see the below details of the user :
a. Tokens balance
b. Chat option
c. Unfriend option
d. About (description) the user
e. Gender


4. How does the model earn?

Model can earn in three different ways

a. By chatting - A model can earn by replying to a user. For example :
User sends a message to the model, and the model replies once and earns the tokens for one message.
User sends 3 messages to the model, the model replies once and earns the tokens for 3 messages.

b. By selling photos and videos - Models can add photos and videos in their profile and send them. Please note that the photos and videos added by the models in their media, should be approved by the admin only then the model will be able to sell the media

c. Earning by tips - User can tip the model from the user account

5. Can a model add another model as a friend?

No, a model can only add a fan as a friend

6. Where can the model see the total earnings?

Model can see on the header


or to see the earnings in detail, click on the profile icon and select the option Earning


to see the detailed earnings


7. How can the model see the list of friends?

Click on the Friends tab to see the friends list


8. Can the model set the no. of tokens she can earn per message?

Yes, click on the settings tab, and enter the number in the ‘Tokens per Message’ text field and click on the Update button


9. How to deactivate the account?

Click on the settings tab, and click on the Deactivate account button. Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number -


10. How can the model upload media (photos/videos)?

Click on the profile icon and select the Upload media option


Select the media type (Photo/Video) and add the details in the text field and upload the media


11. How can the model request for Payout?

Click on the profile icon and select the Payout Request option


Click on the Payout Account button


Select any payment mode and add the details


Click on the Add New button and enter the OTP sent on the mobile number


12. Can the model or a fan send any number of messages?

No, the model or a fan can send 3 messages continuously and have to wait for the reply. Once the reply is received, again the model or the fan can send 3 messages continuously.

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