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xFans - Member Walkthrough

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:47 am

1. How can the user send the queries?

Click on the Message icon on the header. Fill in the fields and click on Submit button. –


2. How can user chat with a model?

Click on the Send Message button on the model profile page.


Remember that the user should be subscribed to that particular model with whom the user wants to chat

3. How does the Subscription work?

User can register for free. When the user wants to get the details of a model, then he has to subscribe to that model for a month or a year. Only then, the user can view the model details, videos, photos and chat.

4. How can the user buy videos which are for sale on the model website?

Click on a model. Click on Videos for Sale tab. Click on the video thumbnail. Make the payment and enjoy the video.

5. Should the user pay to watch the video even if he has subscribed to that user?

The user has to pay only if the video is for Sale.

6. Can the user see his favourite videos?

Yes. Under the video, click on Favourite (Star) icon. On the profile dropdown, click on the Favourites option.


7. Can the user subscribe for one model and access another model with the same price?

If the user subscribes for one model, then he can access only that model and need to pay again to access the other model irrespective of price.

8. When the user pays the subscription charge, how are the fees distributed between the model and the admin?
Admin can set the commission charge in the admin settings page. Depends on how much percent commission the admin charges. Rest will be paid to the model.

Can the user buy products from the model?

Yes. Go to the models profile page, click on Store tab. Click on Product and click on the buy button to purchase the product.

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