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xFans - Features List

Postby adentio9 » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:04 am

User Frontend

    Subscribe to individual model for monthly and yearly membership
    Buy products and videos

Model Frontend

    Tag other models in the video
    Create album
    Upload photo
    Bulk upload of photos
    Upload Video
    Bulk upload of videos
    Upload video for sale
    Schedule the video
    Upload products for sale
    Update Bio
    Event manager in calendar
    Chatting with users and other models
    Earnings dashboard

Admin backend

    Video management ===> Add videos (Single and bulk) and view video list
    Albums management ===>Add photos(Single and bulk) and view photos list
    Store management ===> Add products (Single and bulk) and view video list
    Model management
    Product category management
    Video category management
    Order management to see the list of orders
    User management===>Add users and user list
    Subscribers management===> Add and view the list of subscribers
    Static pages: Add / Edit / Delete
    Language settings : Add / Edit / Delete
    General settings:
    Conversion settings - video conversion settings
    Payment gateway settings - ccbill entries
    Video settings : through video settings you can enable / disable
    Email templates : Add / Edit / Delete templates (Sign up, Subscription, change password, forgot password etc)
    Email settings : Choose a new template for an existing outgoing emails

    General Settings :
      Site logo
      Site name
      Site description

    Adding Google Analytics code
    Setting up footer content

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