xMember - Guide to setup admin dashboard

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xMember - Guide to setup admin dashboard

Postby adentio9 » Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:35 pm

Follow the same order, so you can setup your admin dashboard without missing any details.

Login to you admin dashboard

Go to Settings

You can fill up Meta title, meta keywords, meta description.

Then add 3 images


Image Home Page (size: 542px x 704px) : This is your 18+ content warning page image.


Image Box Welcome (size: 560px x 341px) : When you agree to the 18+ content warning and enter the website , scroll down after recent movies, you will find a block of text and image on the right side. So if you want to replace the image, use this option.


Image Member Not Vip (size: 800px x 450px) : When you don’t upload a thumbnail image to your videos, trailers, then a default placeholder image will appear on the block. If you want to change the image, use this option.


Company Name, Address, Email, Hot line : all these information will go on the contact page.

Landing page content : This is your 18+ warning page content.

Welcome content : This appears on the homepage after recent movies. You can add the text for this block here.


Footer content : You can setup your footer links and text here.


Payment gateway settings :

There are two types of payment subscription :

For Trail membership 2 days pass : Single payment of $2.95 or whatever amount that you set for trail members.

For VIP members ( 1month, 3months, 6 months ) - This is a recurring subscription type.

So under payment gateway settings - configure your CCBill.com form and enter the CCBill.com account ID, sub-account for this website, form name and currency code. If you ask the SALT code to CCBIll support, they will provide your code.


Regarding Pricing for VIP membership - under admin dashboard > membership packages - you can setup the pricing for 1month, 3months and 6 months package. The pricing will dynamically reflect in your CCBill account.

Static Pages

You can add a new static page and setup your pages for Privacy policy, terms & conditions, 2257 and other pages.


Membership Packages

As mentioned above : there are two types of Membership

Trail - Member for 2 days.

VIP - Membership subscription for 1month / 3 months / 6months

You can edit the package - Set up the Price, Number of days, and the text to appear on the signup page.


If you setup Single > it means one time payment.
If you setup Subscription > it means recurring every month


User management :

You can add , edit and delete users.


You can set store permission for members. You can also see the subscription ID attached to each user. The subscription ID is pulled from CCBill payment that they do.

Trail members with 2day pass - will be tagged as Member under “Membership” type. They get access to view trailer videos of recent movies and upcoming movies, view models directory and buy from the store products.

VIP members with 1month, 3months & 6months subscription will get access to watch full length movies, download and buy store products.

Order management

You can sort order management by Subscription and by Store orders.


If you sort by subscription - you will see the list of orders who have subscribed membership plans on your website.

If you sort by store - you will see all the product purchases made by your users on your store.

Banners : You can add homepage banners here.


Photos :

This is where you manage all the photo albums of your models.


You can add photo, Tag multiple models to a photo, set photo description etc

Based on the models that you tag for each photo, these photos will appear under models profile.

Videos management :

You can add a video to Recent movies or Upcoming movies.


Adding a video :

Set whether it goes under Recent or Upcoming movies
Set a video title
Add a thumbnail image
Add a full length video ( for VIP members )
Add a trailer video ( for trail members )
Add a description
Tag a model or multiple models to a video.
Save it.

Under models profile, the videos which are tagged on recent movies or upcoming movies will be shown.


Models management :

Add a model name
Description, Sexual preference, sex, age, weight, height, hair and many other information.


eCommerce Store management :


You can add products for sale.

Add a product name, image, quantity, description, price.


You can sell both Physical and Digital products.

If it is a physical product, under order management > sort by store > you can find the buyer’s name, email, address, phone number.

If it is a digital product, you can find the buyer’s email and contact him directly to deliver your digital product.

If the set quantity is over, it will show as SOLD out in the front end. If the set quantity is in minus, then it will not show any buy now buttons. Based on the quantity you change - the prices will change dynamically.


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